You bet! We also have the I’m Green stamp on our shampoo and conditioner bottles to demonstrate our commitment to helping to create a ‘greener’ tomorrow.

We have ranges to suit every hair and skin type.

Our specialist ranges will help you to diagnose and solve any haircare challenges.

These ranges include: My.Hydrating, My.Thickening,
My.Restructuring, My.AfterColour, My.Resurrection and My.Keratin.

Colorganics hair colour and the My.Keratin Intensive Smoothing Treatment are also available to salons.   


We retail our haircare and styling ranges on the
My.Organics website, but our professional-only products, including Colorganics
and the intensive Keratin Smoothing Treatment are only available through salons
and professional hair and beauty wholesalers.

We know how frustrating it is to be undersold by international beauty stores, which is why we’ll never sell you out.

We’re a professional brand that’s created by hairdressers for hairdressers. To give you the support you need, we create organic but chic products that your clients will love and tell other people about.

We also give the essential training and marketing support you need to grow your status as an eco-friendly salon.

No, we welcome concept salons who show their commitment to the planet by taking the whole range.

However, we also love salons who take a single My.Organics range to complement their existing brands and take the first steps to a more eco-friendly future.

Just fill in the details on the Become a Salon form or give us a call on 01443 878888 and we’ll arrange a meeting to discuss how you can
revolutionise your salon with My.Organics.

My.Team is our celebration of the finest My.Organics stylists and colourists.

They’re our go-to team for creative work, editorial shoots, and shows and seminars.

Want to be part of My.Team? Email info@myorganics.co.uk.

My.Organics care and styling products are available here on our website and sold to salons through a distributor network. To find your
nearest distributor or hair & beauty wholesalers contact us.